Polytex USA Introduces Star Artificial Turf Yarn

Polytex USA — a Calhoun, Ga.-based manufacturer of monofilaments, texturized yarn and fibrillated
products for the artificial turf industry — has introduced Star, a star-shaped artificial turf
monofilament yarn.

The 1,800-denier, 315-micron-thick yarn features an extra-wide blade design measuring 1.35
millimeters that offers a more natural look and better infill coverage than are achieved using
traditional turf yarns. It has been optimized for abrasion resistance and durability, and testing
using the Lisport® wear tester has shown the yarn can endure 55,000 cycles without fiber splicing,
Polytex USA reports. Star yarn may be manufactured in either a single or dual tone.

“The new Star shaped yarn combines aesthetics with performance to enhance the overall look
of the turf,” said Axel Hinrichs, CEO, Polytex USA. “[It] offers a nice alternative to the ever
increasing yarn choices out of the Far East. Turf produced using our yarn is truly made in the

April 9, 2013