Chomarat Debuts TPreg Pre-impregnated Thermoplastic Reinforcement

France-based Chomarat Group — a textiles and composites manufacturer serving marine, construction,
energy, personal protection, civil engineering, sports, luxury and fashion markets — has introduced
TPreg, a range of continuous thermoplastic pre-impregnated reinforcements with applications in
automotive and sports/leisure sectors.

Acording to the company, TPreg offers advantages including speed of conversion processes,
low volatile emissions, thermoformability and recyclability. The material is conformable while
maintaining perfect fiber orientation; and can be made in a range of widths using various materials
including carbon or glass fiber, among others. Other advantages include light weight, reduced
production costs and large series production possibilities.

“With various impregnation levels in development, the range is suited to various production
processes and opens up new technico-economic prospects for the market,” said P. Sanial, R&D
manager, Chomarat.

April 2, 2013