Atlas Copco Introduces Compact, Energy-Efficient 7-37 GA VSD+ Compressor

Sweden-based industrial productivity solutions provider Atlas Copco’s Industrial Air Division has
introduced the 7-37 GA Variable Speed Drive+ (VSD+), an oil-injected rotary screw compressor that
features a compact design and improved energy efficiency.

According to Atlas Copco, the new compressor requires 50 percent less energy on average than
a comparable idling compressor, with features including a more efficient fan; a robust air intake
system that removes all blow-off losses; top-of-the-line electronic components; a new drive train;
and low noise levels. In addition, Atlas Copco reports the 7-37 GA VSD+ realizes a free air
delivery increase of up to 12 percent; and is 15-percent more efficient than the earlier generation
GA 7-37 VSD. An optional integrated dryer is available as an add-on.

April 23, 2013