MFI International Receives Corporate Mexican Customs Broker’s License

EL PASO, Texas — February 25, 2013 — Once again, MFI International has taken the lead in
facilitating cross- border manufacturing transactions between the United States and Mexico by
obtaining the first Textile Corporate Mexican Customs Broker’s License.

Specifically, the permit has been issued by the Mexican Government Customs Agency (SAT) to
Jorge Fierro, MFI’s agent, who will act as their Mexican Customs Broker coordinating all
cross-border activities for the company with the Mexican government.

Mr. Fierro’s expertise encompasses all aspects of manufacturing operations in Mexico and he
has extensive experience in dealing with the varied challenges of cross border trade including:

    *Tariff Classification

    *Customs Valuations

    *NAFTA Claims

    *Customs Reconciliations

Commenting on his newly expanded role, Mr. Fierro noted, “Our maquiladoras can now generate
their own “pedimentos de importación”, that’s customs declarations in English. Our team can
physically verify incoming materials and finished products at a number of Customs locations. “It’s
a huge benefit,” he added, “It speeds up the entire process and makes it far more efficient because
we control every aspect and do not need to rely on an outside Mexican broker.”

MFI expects good things on the American side of the border as well. End users should see an
improvement in turnaround times and more flexibility in the process. MFI’s Chief Operating Officer,
Lawrence Wollschlager, notes “Obtaining our own Mexican Customs Broker license is another step we
take to make the supply chain faster and offer a more efficient, complete package to our clients.”

Mr. Wollschlager was also quick to praise INDEX (the Export Industry Association) and the
Consejo Nacional de Industrias Maquiladoras de Exportación (CNIME). “The support of these two
organizations was invaluable in making MFI the first contract manufacturer in Mexico with textile
operations (cut and sew) to obtain this type of permit.” Mr. Wollschlager added, “It, once again,
demonstrates, MFI’s commitment to our clients and suppliers and will allow us to continue to offer
them a significant competitive advantage through our Mexico operations.”

Posted on March 5, 2013

Source: MFI International