The Rupp Report: Yarn Show “Made In Italy”

The yarn business is without doubt the cornerstone of all fabric-forming activities. The
construction of any yarn determines to a large extent the appearance and surface of every
fashionable fabric.

Old Tradition

Fashionable and fancy yarns have their home in Europe in general, and in Italy in particular.
For centuries, the Italian spinners, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, competed with their
neighbors in France and Switzerland to be on top for spinning exclusive and fashionable yarns. It
is therefore no surprise that one of the most important yarn fairs in Europe takes place twice a
year in Milan, and is the only international event concentrated into two days. The event is called
the FILO yarn fair. It is an international exhibition of high-quality yarns and fibers for home
furnishing, apparel, flat and circular knitting, embroidery and even technical applications.

FILO was founded in 1994 and earned its reputation as a unique business-to-business fair
dedicated to yarns and materials of excellence that have a precise acknowledged character. The idea
came from a small group of entrepreneurs inspired by Italy’s famous Biella region. The fair’s
business platform enables selected Italian, European and international companies to gather with
professional visitors from all over the world.

FILO has two editions each year: one in March and the other in October. The 39th edition of
the show will take place in Milan March 20 – 21, 2013, at Le Stelline Congress Center.

A Success Story

The last edition of FILO in October 2012 was an accomplishment, with the number of exhibitors
growing to more than 80. Paolo Monfermoso, director of FILO, mentioned to the press that “in the
course of the two days of the event, there was a positive climate and the concluding balance of the
38th edition of FILO proves it through the numbers.” He added that “the buyers are always highly
qualified and their ideas were extremely clear.”

Another reason for the success story is the fact that the organizers pay special attention to
promoting the fair in foreign markets. Monfermoso mentioned to the press that the next edition of
FILO is “restarting with impulse,” and the organizers are “optimistic for the consolidation of the
number of exhibitors and visitors. The success of FILO is due in part to the constant presence in
the fair of high range products as well as the continuous research and innovation which our
exhibitors are able to propose.”


The main theme for the upcoming edition is “Marks.” This, according to the trend people from
FILO, “has never been so appropriate and it is on the trails of the preceding editions that we have
tried to face 2013.” Creative and Product Development Manager Gianni Bologna mentioned that the
various Marks chosen for the product proposals are the “Footmarks to be followed” by blending old
and new items, “where the traditional beautiful is blended with the sophisticated super modern with
new technical materials.”

“With ‘Footmarks to be followed,’ the mega-trend is the return to the rules of elegance and
chic which have been consolidated during the past few seasons,” mentioned the organizers. “To
complete the picture there are two sub-themes: Déjà-vu and Mind Games, allowing two different
interpretations of elegance such as the reminiscence of a lost chic which has been recovered and
that of a chic which has only been a dream.”

Déjà-vu includes “the yarns dedicated to the sartorial, handcrafted and traditional
inspiration. The development of these ideas is based on a concept of elegance which comes directly
from the past, but at the same time involves new combinations which are not traditional with very
precious materials and other more simple ones. It is a mix of old and new, where traditional beauty
is blended with sophisticated super modern and with new techno materials. It is like taking the
black and white photos of yesteryear and suddenly colour some of the details.”

Mind Games presents “the past relived through memories and dreams: the materials are those of
the most classic elegance, but the effect is different because the craftsmanship and the blends
reflect the present, at times even the future.”

Dear reader that is the language of fashion people!

There are also Digital Trails, with technical yarns beside the natural ecological and
environmentally friendly yarns in order to define the future. The trend people are certain that the
Marks will follow the entire textile industry chain up to men’s and women’s apparel, first shown on
the catwalks and later to be seen on Main Street.

Special Promotion

Monfermoso said that for the March show, a specific promotional program was started to
attract more foreign visitors and countries. The result of these actions is that FILO will host
some foreign buyer delegations who will be visiting FILO for the first time. All this success, adds
Monfermoso, is “the fruit of the renewal of the continuity that FILO has undertaken down through
the years, as it aims to enrich itself more and more, thus confirming itself as a reference point
for the experts of the sector.”

Benvenuto a Milano!

February 12, 2013