Manufacturers Chemical Introduces Levechrome

DALTON, Ga. — December 2012 — Manufacturers Chemicals LLC has introduced the “Levechrome” system
for dyeing polyester. The system builds color beginning at low temperature gradually developing
full shade and then at boil will transfer completely on tone. These properties yield unparalleled
uniformity and reproducibility. The system is ideal for carpets, apparel, yarn dyeing, space
dyeing, and printing. It is suitable for atmospheric or pressure dyeing.

In initial production trials it was observed that dye carrier could be reduced 45%, leveling
agent eliminated, and other process auxiliaries drastically reduced, and the cycle time was

Mike Junkins of Manufacturers commented; “We were astonished with the potential savings in
energy, chemicals, and cycle time. It is possible to save more that the dye cost so it is like
getting your colors free. Even with the overall savings, perhaps the larger impact is
environmental. The Levechrome process can slash chemical usage, reduce reworks and save energy.”

Posted January 22, 2013

Source: Manufacturers Chemicals