DSM Offers PFC-Free Membranes For Outdoor Clothing

The Netherlands-based Royal DSM reports its Arnitel® VT perfluorinated chemical (PFC)-free
breathable membrane is an environmentally sound choice for providing waterproof protection to
outdoor clothing. The 100-percent recyclable thermoplastic elastomer can be extruded into membranes
just a few microns thick, and provides breathable and comfortable waterproof protection without
using PFCs that are commonly found in waterproof polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)-based membranes,
according to the company.

Arnitel VT is perforation-free making it 100-percent waterproof, suitable as a barrier
against bacteria and viruses, and stronger than similar products that feature tiny perforations for
breathability. Arnitel VT has been used for several years in clothing, and also is used for
surgical gowns.

“Several companies that share DSM’s commitment to a better environment are working with us on
the incorporation of Arnitel VT into their products,” said Paul Habets, global segment manager,
Specialty Extrusion, DSM.

DSM collaborated with Sympatex Technologies, Germany, and is manufacturing a polyetherester
copolymer for the company using special Sympatex recipes. According to DSM, that collaboration led
to a drastic reduction of the carbon footprint in the polymer production process compared to
PTFE-based membranes. “DSM has been a very reliable partner for us in our quest to develop
technologies and processes based on the principle of ecological responsibility and sustainability,”
said Michael Kamm, CEO, high-tech functional materials supplier Sympatex.

January 15, 2013