Agru America Expands Operations, Adds 126 Jobs

Geosynthetics producer Agru America Inc., Georgetown, S.C., is investing $39.1 million to expand
its operations in Georgetown, S.C., and Andrews, S.C., and add 126 jobs.

The company will expand its Georgetown plant by 40,000 square feet (ft2) to accommodate at
least three new machines and will add a 130,000-ft2 asphalt storage yard. That site will add 49

It will also upgrade and expand its Andrews plant to accommodate additional production
equipment, and will add 77 new jobs. The company acquired that facility in January 2012 and added
production of needlepunched nonwoven textiles for environmental, industrial, automotive, bedding
and furniture products.

“We are pleased with the opportunity to move forward with these expansions,” said Robert
Johnson, president, Agru America. “We have seen demand for our products increase and adding
capacity at both facilities will help us meet our manufacturing goals.”

Agru America claims to be the only U.S. manufacturer to use the flat die extrusion
calendering process to produce structured geo-membranes for the global civil/environmental market.
The company reports the process enables production of a textured liner that offers a consistent
core thickness and high puncture, tear and elongation values.

January/February 2013