Outlast Technologies Launches First Ever Polyester Fiberfill

BOULDER, Colo. — November 28, 2012 — Outlast Technologies, leader in heat and moisture management,
has developed the first polyester fiberfill with phase change materials (PCM) to proactively
regulate the sleep environment. The new PCM polyester fiberfill can be blended with other fibers
and is suited for bedding products with synthetic fillings. The main benefit: regulating
temperature by proactively managing the microclimate between the skin and the blanket, a key
element to a restful night¹s sleep.


“We’ve reached an important milestone with the development of this PCM polyester fiberfill,
allowing us to expand our portfolio of Outlast®technology applications,” said Greg Roda, COO,
Outlast Technologies. “Our new PCM polyester fiberfill can be used as filling for comforters and
sleeping bags and helps to actively balance temperature and humidity during the night.”

“Initial consumer reaction to the Outlast fiberfill has been positive,” said Guy Eckert, EVP
of the Home Division. “We recently commissioned a study on the PCM polyester fiberfill that showed
a comforter with Outlast PCM polyester fiberfill can reduce absolute humidity by 48% compared to a
traditional comforter.” The result: a soft and plush bedding product with the added value of
temperature regulating technology that works continuously to manage heat and moisture while
reducing sweat production. When less humidity is created inside the bed, the user sleeps more
soundly with fewer instances of waking due to the uncomfortable build-up of humidity.
“Traditionally, consumers have been taught to layer their beds with sheets and blankets, however
this works against the body¹s ability to cool down,which is needed in order to fall asleep.² said
Eckert. “All of our products help the natural cooling process for a more restful night of sleep.”

How Outlast Technology Works:

Outlast technology utilizes PCMs that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal
comfort. Any product containing Outlast® technology has the ability to continually regulate the
skin’s microclimate. As the skin get shot, the Thermocules™ absorb the heat; as the skin cools, the
Thermocules release the heat to maintain a balanced temperature.Outlast® technology is not a
wicking technology; wicking reactively manages moisture by pulling sweat away from the skin.
Outlast technology proactively manages heat while controlling the production of moisture before it
begins. That¹s the Outlast®difference.

Benefits of Outlast products at a glance include: 

  • Absorption of excess body heat
  • Management of moisture
  • Reduction of overheating
  • Reduction of chilling
  • Reduction of perspiration

Continuous adaptation to thermal changes

“As a leader in phase change materials, our products have great sell-through and can help
drive sales for retailers,” said Eckert. Outlast continues to offer a true, winning benefit to its
customers and retailers by providing an added value that improves comfort in the sleeping
environment. To experience the Outlast difference and for more information on the multiple uses for
the PCM polyester fiberfill, visit Outlast at Outdoor Retailer¹s Winter Market from January 23-26,
2013 at booth #39197.

Posted December 4, 2012

Source: Outlast Technologies