Lenzing Reports Cone Denim Tencel® Denim Fabrics, YKK Vislon® Zipper With Lenzing FR®

Austria-based cellulosic fiber manufacturer Lenzing AG reports that Cone Denim — a denim fabric
manufacturer and a division of International Textile Group Inc. (ITG), Greensboro, N.C. — has added
Tencel® Denim fabrics to its Sustainblue™ collection of eco-friendly denim fabrics made using
recycled cotton, polyester and sustainable yarns. The new fabrics offer Tencel’s soft hand, gentle
drape and a unique sheen; and include, among other styles, S Gene Indigo Stretch fabric, featuring
Cone Denim’s S Gene corespun stretch technology incorporating more than one core. The stretch
fabric is used for jeans and jeggings.

Lenzing also reports that zipper manufacturer YKK Group, Japan, has introduced the Vislon®
zipper with Lenzing FR® tape for use on apparel and equipment that must comply with current
protective clothing standards. The zipper combines flame-retardant polyamide zipper elements with
Lenzing FR tape — an aramid/Modal-based cellulose tape that offers easy and smooth operation as
well as structural strength and protection against heat and flame.

November 27, 2012