Lakeland Industries Selects GlenGuard Hi-Vis® Anti-Stat Mesh Fabric For Work Vests

GlenGuard Hi-Vis® Anti-Stat mesh fabric, manufactured by Glen Raven, N.C.-based Glen Raven
Technical Fabrics LLC and marketed by Greensboro, N.C.-based Performance Textiles Inc., is now
being used by Lakeland Industries Inc., a Ronkonkoma, N.Y.-based manufacturer of protective
apparel, to make breathable, flame resistant, antistatic, high-visibility work vests. The fabric
complies with ANSI 107, ASTM F1506, NFPA 70-E and several other standards; and offers protection
against static electricity.

“The breathability of a mesh fabric is important to the comfort of workers required to wear a
work vest in high temperatures, but meeting high visibility test standards in a breathable mesh
fabric is not easy to do,” said Tom Sebastian, market development manager, Lakeland Industries,
adding, “For people who work where volatile gases are present, protective clothing that meets the
needs for high visibility and flame resistance may not be enough. Providing static control in these
work garments affords an added level of protection to address an additional type of hazard.”

The engineered fabric is based on carbon fiber technology to help prevent static electricity
buildup, thereby avoiding the danger of igniting ambient flammable gases. According to Glen Raven,
the carbon core fiber used in the fabric has a weaker corona discharge than conventional conductive
yarns, and therefore significantly reduces the level of static electric energy and the possibility
of igniting ambient gases in the work environment. A polyester sheath covers the carbon fiber core
to provide protection from abrasion and possible damage from laundering.

August 28, 2012