Hohenstein Develops Technology To Test Textile Acoustics

The Hohenstein Institute — a Germany-based textile research and testing laboratory with offices
worldwide — has partnered with technical textiles manufacturer Rökona Textilwerk GmbH and
Reutlingen University, both based in Germany, to develop new methods for measuring the acoustic
properties of textiles used in industrial, automotive and construction applications as well as in
hunting and military gear and apparel.

According to Hohenstein, the new testing procedures will enable manufacturers to
cost-effectively test fabrics in a range of conditions to determine both sound-absorption and
noise-generating properties. Testers and product designers may analyze the data obtained to specify
the cause of undesired noise and facilitate product design optimization prior to production.

“Textiles are used extensively to protect people from sound waves which can damage hearing
or distract people during concentration-intense activities such as in industrial, automotive, and
military settings,” said Dr. Jan Beringer, Hohenstein Institute, who headed the research efforts.
“However, quantifying the noise that the textiles themselves generate is equally important,
especially in applications where unwanted noise can hinder success. We now have a cost-effective
method for measuring both factors.”

August 28, 2012