Uster Technologies Launches The New USTER® CLASSIMAT 5

USTER, Switzerland — July 3, 2012 — Uster Technologies Ltd launches a new CLASSIMAT® classification
system. The USTER® CLASSIMAT 5 takes quality assurance to a new level, enabling a deeper
understanding of defects and their causes – and finding ways to prevent them. Innovative features
and capabilities can pinpoint outliers, providing consistent quality levels for both producers and
users of yarns.

Parameters measured by the USTER® CLASSIMAT have played a vital role in spinning mills and
yarn trading worldwide since the instrument was first developed more than 40 years ago. The
classification of yarn defects according to their size and length into 23 standard classes is used
extensively to certify yarn quality, to help control spinning processes and to optimize yarn
clearing at the winding stage. In the meantime, quality demands have increased enormously. While
fault classification based on the well-proven analysis of thick and thin places remains
fundamental, it must now also cover critical parameters such as foreign matter, count variation,
periodic faults, unevenness and hairiness. An important quality management aspect that has grown
rapidly in significance is the need for consistent quality as much as absolute quality. This
demands critical new tools for large-scale production, to assess extreme deviations from the
quality norm – referred to as outliers.

Classifying all outliers

Addressing these requirements, USTER® CLASSIMAT 5 delivers all the traditional
classification standards, while broadening its scope to include outliers, which are often the root
cause of claims and inconsistent yarn quality. USTER® CLASSIMAT 5 for the first time detects and
quantifies outliers for periodic faults, evenness, imperfections and hairiness, in addition to
critical thick and thin places.

The USTER® CLASSIMAT 5 is the tool of choice for those who want to understand the nature and
sources of these defects and to develop preventive strategies. Especially important are its
powerful foreign matter tools for assessing colored foreign fibers, vegetable matter and – for the
first time – polypropylene content.

Powerful analysis capabilities

The full range of quality measurements handled by USTER® CLASSIMAT 5 is complemented by
powerful analytical tools. USTER® CLASSIMAT 5 integrates a clearing limit analysis feature, which
can estimate and display the applied clearing limit for the yarn, as well as providing an index to
optimize the clearing limit in each area, including foreign matter. Yarns from different lots or
suppliers can now be compared, to identify the best and the next best quality levels, with detailed
figures available at a click – and presented as intuitive color codings.

State-of-the-art technology

These customer benefits are possible thanks to the most technically-advanced sensors and
superior hardware for detection and eventual classification of all types of defects. For the first
time, USTER® CLASSIMAT 5 measurements are independent of the machine or test speed variations. The
unique mounting module includes a special cleaning facility to prevent dirt and fluff in the
measuring zone. An array of guides and a tension control also ensure highest accuracy in foreign
matter classification.

Dr Geoffrey Scott, CEO of Uster Technologies Ltd, comments: “We are proud to offer the new
generation of CLASSIMAT® to the textile industry. The USTER® CLASSIMAT 5 brings quality assurance
to a new level, introducing an unrivaled range of new features and capabilities. It is not only an
indispensable precision tool for both producers and users of yarns, it is also transforming the

Posted on July 10, 2012

Source: Uster Technologies AG