Radici Group: R-Radyarn For Sport; Raditeck® High-Tenacity Yarn

Italy — July 2, 2012 — RadiciGroup r-Radyarn® is a low environmental impact product made from 100%
post-consumer recycled PET bottles. It is an eco-sustainable yarn ideal for applications in the
technical sportswear and medical sectors. What is more, r-Radyarn® is a safe product, the result of
a multi-stage process — from post-consumer bottle collection to reprocessing and yarn production —
all taking place in Europe and monitored at every step.

“There is so much talk about the green revolution and it affects us directly,” said Roberto
Parenzan, RadiciGroup Polyester Area R&D manager. “Sustainability concerns so many of our
target sectors, from technical sportswear to intimatewear and automotive, to mention just a few.
Now the players involved must set forth goals that are clearer, more concrete and more tangible.”

“The r-Radyarn® range,” Mr. Parenzan continued, “represents a concrete example of our
commitment to increasing the lifecycle of raw materials, reducing energy consumption and lowering
CO2 emissions, as well as safeguarding the health and safety of people. The latter issue has
recently been the centre of attention of the world of sport, football, in particular. Indeed,
during the last few weeks, the European Consumers’ Organization (BEUC), after an investigation,
warned against the presence of toxic substances, dangerous to the health, in the shirts of some
teams participating in the 2012 European Football Championship. The results of the investigation,
once again in the strongest terms, stressed the need for sportswear producers to have reliable
suppliers. Our Group has developed the r-Radyarn® range so it can offer its customers
sustainability, high performance and safety. In creating Radyarn® we have turned plastic waste into
a resource and a new raw material that finds its application in sportswear with a smaller
measurable environmental footprint, maximum comfort, freshness, breathability, colour solidity and
thermoregulation. Sustainable, high-performance garments that are, above all, safe. Our Oeko-Tex
certified yarns are free of heavy metals and other toxic substances and can be confidently used to
manufacture garments with guaranteed safety.”

The r-Radyarn® range is available in a variety of counts, colours and lustres, and in three
different versions: textured, interlaced and taslan (POY and drawn versions of this eco-compatible
yarn are sold under the r-Starlight® brand name).

r-Radyarn® comes in several cross-sections: standard (round and trilobal) and special
(multi-lobal, channel and hollow trilobal). For higher environmental sustainability, these yarns
are also available in solution-dyed versions. Besides utilizing recycled raw materials,
solution-dyed r-Radyarn® ensures a considerable savings in both water and energy consumption, in
addition to lower waste treatment costs.

In other RadiciGroup news, the company reports its Raditeck® high-tenacity PA66 yarn can be
used for resistant, safe, reliable fabrics; and it has added new fine and medium counts to its
product portfolio of high-tenacity PA66 yarns

Developed for applications in the technical textiles sector, Raditeck® Fine and Raditeck®
Dyna polyamide 66 yarns ensure excellent fabric performance — improved tear and abrasion resistance
with superior light stability — even in critical applications. These products are ideal for the
manufacture of sails, parachutes, hot-air balloons, as well as sportswear, workwear, footwear,
backpacks and suitcases.

RadiciGroup has added new fine and medium counts to its product portfolio of high-tenacity
PA66 yarns, which already includes traditional counts: 33/10 dtex, 55/13 dtex and 78/34 dtex FLAT
yarn and 580/140 dtex and 1100/280 dtex TASLAN yarn. “The market response to these new products has
been really positive,” said Filippo Bona of Radici Yarn R&D. “The development and marketing of
the Raditeck® Fine versions began about two years ago. We started off by proposing a range of fine
counts, such as 33/10 dtex, for applications in the sportswear segment and then, quite recently
actually, introduced new high-tenacity 180/68 dtex and 360/136 dtex TASLAN yarn for applications in
the technical, sportswear and workwear sectors. These yarns were designed to guarantee resistance,
total reliability, safety and quality — to meet market demand for materials providing better

“RadiciGroup’s competence and experience, as well as the vertical integration of its nylon
production chain, has played a fundamental role in the development of these products,” Mr. Bona
continued. “Inside our Group, we have the needed raw material, polyamide 66, which comes from out
chemical production plant in Novara, Italy, and the necessary yarn processing technology. Also of
central importance has been our close collaboration with customers. In effect, our customers are
the starting point of every innovation at RadiciGroup.”

Posted on July 17, 2012

Source: RadiciGroup