Jeanologia Introduces EIM Software, Eco-Clock

Jeanologia — a Spain-based developer of technologies for washing, dyeing and finishing textiles,
particularly jeans — has introduced two tools to encourage sustainability in the textile industry.

Environmental Impact Measuring (EIM) software allows professionals in laundries and the
garment finishing industry to assess the environmental impact of a garment finishing process. The
software analyzes a garment finishing process’s environmental impact in the individual categories
of water consumption, chemical product use, energy consumption and worker health, as well as the
impact of the total process. The tool also enables users to compare the environmental impact of
various finishing processes.

The Eco-Clock gives real-time information on water, energy and chemical consumption in the
denim finishing process. It compares the results of conventional processes with that of
Jeanologia’s processes and calculates the total savings that can be realized by using Jeanologia’s

June 5, 2012