EuroFibers Seeks Partners To Commercialize Dyneema®-reinforced Cotton Solutions

The Netherlands-based EuroFibers BV — a supplier of high-performance fibers and fiber solutions to
the European textile industry, and a distributor of Dyneema® ultra-high-molecular-weight
polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber manufactured by the Netherlands-based DSM Dyneema BV — has initiated an
open innovation project to develop products made using a patent-pending blend comprising cotton and
a very small percentage of Dyneema fiber. According to the company, the blended fiber provides
twice the abrasion resistance of cotton alone and also offers considerably improved tensile
strength and tear resistance.

In conjunction with the project, EuroFibers will share its expertise and supply samples to
partners including cotton mills, spinners, denim manufacturers, cotton fabric and end-product
manufacturers and consumer brands. Selected partners will not be required to reveal their trade
secrets. Potential end products include workwear, denim apparel and gloves, among other products.

“We know the high performance fiber market very well and have good knowledge of the
shortcomings of 100-percent cotton fabrics in technical application,” said Marcel Alberts, managing
director, EuroFibers. “Because of the strong value proposition of the invention we are confident
that a large part of the cotton industry can benefit from it. We now want to forge strong
partnerships with cotton processing companies and their customers who can take advantage from
stronger and more durable cotton fabrics to make this a marketplace success story.”

June 12, 2012