The Rupp Report: Executive Interview: Heinrich Trützschler, Managing Partner, Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG

As previously reported, the Rupp Report wanted to get some thoughts from the leading exhibitors
prior to ITMA Asia + CITME 2012, and sent out a questionnaire. Soon the answers started to drop in.
The Rupp Report indicated in the questionnaire that the interviews would be published on a
first-come, first-served basis, and Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG was the first company to respond
to the questionnaire. Following are thoughts from Heinrich Trützschler, managing partner of the
well-known German textile machinery manufacturer.


Rupp Report
: What do you expect from 2012 in general?

Heinrich Trützschler
: We expect an average business year. Europe is quite weak, the Americas are medium and
Asia seems to be partially good: However, India shows some weaknesses and China is showing less
activity than average.

: What is the biggest change you see in the business this year for your products prior to
ITMA Asia?

: Because of the reasons mentioned above, we anticipate less business in India, and China is
still uncertain — this has yet to be seen. For our products, we see great opportunities by offering
machinery with less energy consumption and higher production.

Influencing Business Conditions

: What conditions are mainly influencing your business?

: Well, there are a few: First of all, the increasing raw material costs for cotton and
man-made fibers. Another still existing problem is the exchange rate; and of course, the political
and economical situation of some countries. And this is the same for our customers. On top of that,
the consumption of textiles in the United States, Europe and Asia is heavily influencing their
business; and, last but not least, the availability of cheap energy.

: How do you see the current market situation in Asia and in China?

: The market situation in Asia — excluding India — is quite stable, even good. As we all
know, China is having less growth than years before, but it is still OK.

New Technology Welcome All Over The World

: Do you face any problems in China?

: The wages are going up, but this is not only in the textile industry. The other well-known
problem is the strong Chinese currency.

: What do you think should be done to solve these problems?

: I think more productivity and better products would help the Chinese textile industry.

: Do you think that the mills are receptive to new technology or are they on the

: They are very receptive to new technology. However, a good price/productivity ratio is also
very important.

RR: Is this the same all over the world?

: Yes, a good product can be successful everywhere.

RR: Let us talk about the green movement and sustainability. Is this a reality for
your customers or not?

: Yes, of course; and if I may say so, I think more and more.

: So how are you helping them to address that issue?

: We provide machines with less energy consumption and machines and technologies with better
raw material utilization.

New Products

RR: Will Trützschler show any true novelty for the first time in Asia?

: Yes, we will. The TC 8 card and TD 8 draw frame. The TC 8 has been specifically
designed for the Asian market and will be built at Trützschler Textile Machinery (Shanghai) Co.
Ltd. The TC 8 is the top card in the card segment with a working width of one meter. It offers high
productivity and sets standards in its segment with regard to energy efficiency.

: What are the special features of the TC 8?

: Depending on the application, the exclusive developments are part of the standard
equipment of the high-production TC 8 card, such as T-Con, the optimization tool for cards;
Magnotop, the magnetic fastening system for flat tops; and Nepcontrol, the online nep monitoring

: And what about the TD 8?

: Well, the Trützschler TD 8 draw frame is equipped with new sensor technology. The new
feed sensor Disc Leveller TD-DL ensures consistently uniform sliver count, and significantly
improves sliver count variation. The new quality sensor Disc Monitor TD-DM in the delivery area of
the draw frame permanently monitors the quality data of the sliver.

: Did you face any problems with product piracy at the last ITMA ASIA and what did you do?

: Oh yes, of course. And we reacted with new and better products. And the outcome of our
action was very successful.

: What will you do if you face product piracy again in Shanghai?

: That depends on the problem.

: In a recent interview with the Rupp Report, show organizers declared that they are
committed to fight against any infringement of product piracy (See “
Rupp Report: Successful ITMA Asia + CITME 2012 Anticipated

.com, April 17, 2012). Do you think they will be successful?

: Hopefully.

Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG can be visited in Hall W2, Booth E01 at ITMA Asia + CITME 2012.

May 29, 2012