First Line Technology To Supply Army With Joint Sensitive Equipment Wipes

First Line Technology LLC, a Chantilly, Va.-based supplier of innovative solutions for
first-responder and military applications, has received a contract from the Army Contracting
Command — Aberdeen Proving Ground Contracting (ACC-APG) Center, Natick Contracting Division,
Natick, Mass., to supply its Joint Sensitive Equipment Wipes (JSEWs) for use in the Joint Project
Manager for Protection and the Decontamination Family of Systems Program.

First Line’s JSEWs contain FiberTect®, an activated carbon dry decontamination wipe
developed at The Institute for Environmental and Human Health at Lubbock, Texas-based Texas Tech
University. The wipe comprises a three-layer nonwoven composite substrate that is flexible and
drapable; and can absorb and adsorb chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial materials, and
radiological and biological particles. The FiberTect wipe is commercially available and is already
being used by other federal agencies for decontamination applications.

The First Line product is among several commercially available items selected by the
Department of the Army for testing in order to determine their decontamination capabilities and
other effects when used on both sensitive and non-sensitive equipment that have been contaminated
by chemical or other agents.

May 1, 2012