Swisstex California Becomes Bluesign® System Partner

Los Angeles-based Swisstex California Inc., a dyer and finisher of knitted fabrics, has been
certified as a partner in the bluesign® system, administered by Switzerland-based bluesign
Technologies AG — a third-party certifier of products and manufacturing processes according to
strict environmental, health and safety standards.

In conjunction with its commitment to environmentally responsible production and resource
management, Swisstex California is upgrading its facility and replacing its existing dyeing
machinery with new state-of-the-art machinery.

“After doing everything possible to minimize our impact on the environment with state of the
art production processes, we found the missing link with bluesign®,” said Thomas Schrieder,
president, Swisstex California. “The bluesign system partnership gives us access to tools,
previously unavailable to the industry, that enable us to choose the input products with the least
negative environmental impact.”

April 3, 2012