Stoll Reports Growing Demand For Three-system Knitting Machines

Germany-based flat knitting machinery manufacturer H. Stoll GmbH & Co. KG is projecting
increased sales of its three-system high-performance knitting machines based on a production trend
it is seeing involving the use of three efficient, combined knitting systems rather than the two
systems typically used. According to the company, the three-system programs can knit nearly every
pattern in much less time than conventional programs, and machine utilization is improved owing to
a reduced number of machine strokes and to optimized pattern programs that shorten knitting time.

Stoll reports that the three-system program enables economical production even for fabrics
knitted using complex processes because the various combinations eliminate empty rows and the
pattern programs are adaptable to the greater variance. Shortened run times contribute to increased
productivity without increasing energy consumption, mechanical stress or maintenance costs.

The three-system program also offers advantages in the production of two- and three-color
jacquard knits with different structures, textures and shapes; and also for intarsia knits. Stoll
notes that its M1plus pattern software helps users develop complicated patterning by coordinating
the staggering of the yarn carriers required for intarsia patterns.

In full-fashion knitting, the three systems enable possibilities such as: the use of two
systems to knit while the third is used to transfer; and the use of one system to knit while the
other two are used to transfer.

April 3, 2012