Messe Frankfurt, ESMOD Partner To Promote Sustainable Fashion

Frankfurt-based trade fair organizer Messe Frankfurt GmbH and the Paris-based École Superieure des
Arts et Techniques de la Mode (ESMOD) have partnered to promote sustainability in the fashion

According to Detlef Braun, a member of the Messe Frankfurt Executive Board, the two entities
intend to develop a “solid platform for fashion produced by ecologically and socially responsible

Noting the importance of educating students about environmental concerns with support from
professional and specialist resources, ESMOD International General Manager Christine Walter-Bonini
stated, “With Messe Frankfurt we found a strong partner in the field of sustainable textiles with a
worldwide network.”

In addition to organizing more than 30 textile trade shows worldwide each year, Messe
Frankfurt organizes two events showcasing sustainable fashion: the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris
featuring more than 100 brands that produce ethical fashion; and the GREENshowroom in Berlin
showcasing high-end fashion, accessories and other “lifestyle” goods produced in keeping with
environmentally and socially responsible principles.

Messe Frankfurt and ESMOD jointly will develop several initiatives including:
“Sustainability and Eco-Fashion,” a program of study that will be incorporated into ESMOD’s
curricula; an “Eco-Fashion” international design award; a trend show titled the “ESMOD/Ethical
Fashion Show”; public relations activities; and an international network.

ESMOD was established in 1841 by Master Tailor Guerre Lavigne, who supplied clothing to the
court of Empress Eugénie. Lavigne taught students to make patterns directly on the so-called
Lavigne bust, and that teaching method continues to be used at the school’s network of 21 campuses
in 14 countries. Among ESMOD’s alumni are well-known designers including Jean Paul Gaultier and
Thierry Mugler.

November 1, 2011