TSG Finishing Develops Nonwoven Application Process For C6-based Fluorochemicals

North Wales, Pa.-based commission finisher TSG Finishing LLC reports it has developed a new process
for applying C6-based fluorochemicals to nonwoven medical fabrics. TSG’s new application method is
suitable for spunbond/meltblown SMMS nonwovens and hydroentangled fabrics, which may be used in
surgical gowns, drapes and instrument wraps.

“Our unique application technique is completely different from traditional technology used
in the industry to treat nonwovens,” said Jeffrey S. Goldman, technical director and principal,
TSG. “Oddly enough, the new technology was developed in our Pennsylvania plant on equipment
utilized for other textile products and has a number of important advantages over traditional
application methods. It provides outstanding hydrostatic head, alcohol repellency, static decay and
spray impact performance, while minimally affecting the nonwoven’s physical attributes such as
trapezoidal tear and grab tensile strength.”

The company reports that moving from C8- to C6-based chemistry typically results in higher
chemical costs and lower product performance. However, Goldman said the company has been evaluating
the performance of treated fabrics as well as processing costs and is finding results that are very
similar to those measured with its existing C8-based fluorochemical formulations.

October 18, 2011