Teijin Introduces Twaron® UD41 For Lightweight Bulletproof Vests

The Netherlands-based Teijin Aramid BV — manufacturer of aramids including Twaron®, Sulfron®,
Teijinconex® and Technora®; and a subsidiary of the Tokyo-based Teijin Group — has developed a new
(UD) unidirectional laminate fabric for bulletproof vests. Twaron UD41 is made using four layers of
Teijin’s high-performance Twaron para-aramid fiber threads, and is designed to provide lightweight,
flexible ballistic protection without any compromise in product performance or protection.

Teijin’s Smart UD technology aligns each layer of Twaron threads parallel, and the laminate
is arranged in a 0°/90°/0°/90° configuration to maximize the strength of the fibers and prevent
material shrinkage. Each layer is individually formed in a resin matrix, and a thermoplastic film
is laminated over the four layers to prevent wear and tear.

Teijin reports UD41 laminate fabric can be used in conjunction with other Twaron products
for extra strength and performance. The fabric has been tested in accordance with National
Institute of Justice 0101.06 requirements.

October 25, 2011