Members Approve Carpet And Rug Institute Restructuring

DALTON, Ga. — August 18, 2011 — John Wells, president of Interface Americas and chairman of the
board of directors of the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) has announced board approval for a new
organizational structure for CRI, the carpet industry’s primary trade association. CRI represents
the manufacturers of 95 percent of the carpet made in the United States, their suppliers and
aligned industries.

According to Wells, the changes, which will take effect September 1, 2011, will increase
CRI’s effectiveness and allow for greater efficiency in addressing issues facing the carpet
industry. One key component of the restructuring is the streamlining of CRI’s committees. The new
plan eliminates committees and issue management teams in favor of multi-functional panels assigned
to address each of three main categories: product performance and standards, deselection, and
extended producer responsibility and issues involving the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE).
Each panel, which will comprise representatives from member manufacturers with marketing, technical
and government relations expertise, will be charged with identifying critical issues facing the
carpet industry. When necessary, panel members may vote to form short-term task groups that will
deal with target issues quickly and effectively and then disband.

The board also approved the formation of the Strategic Issues Leadership Council, a
high-level executive group charged with liaising between the panels and CRI’s board of directors
and policy committee. SILC members will be tasked with communicating with their respective board
members on the multiple issues facing the carpet industry and finding the talent needed within the
industry to develop the necessary solutions.

“We undertook the reorganization with the expectation that the carpet industry would continue
to devote time and resources to dealing effectively with critical issues, and to ensure that our
trade association use those resources as efficiently as possible,” Mr. Wells said.

“Without question, the new organizational structure will make CRI a more focused and
effective organization,” said CRI President Werner Braun. He added that membership lists for the
SILC and panels are currently being populated. 

Posted on August 23, 2011

Source: The Carpet And Rug Institute