Sciessent® Joins Forces With BigSky Technologies® To Offer A High Performance Environmentally Responsible Textile Finish For Commercial Furnishings

CHICAGO — June 13, 2011 — From the halls of NeoCon, North America’s largest design exposition and
conference, Sciessent and GreenShield announce their partnership to provide a textile finish for
furnishings that combats the challenges found in high traffic areas. The new finish, Greenshield
with Agion, delivers stain and water resistance along with built in antimicrobial protection that
prevents mold, mildew, odor and destructive microbes from residing on the fabric’s surface. In
addition to its high performance, the new finish offers the utmost in environmentally sustainable
design, as GreenShield offers 6 to 10 times less harmful fluorocarbons than alternatives.

GreenShield is a multi-functional technology that provides water and oil repellency and
stain resistance in a single finish. Through the principle of micro-roughness, GreenShield reduces
the use of fluorochemicals on fabrics. Undetectable to human touch, the microscopic surface
roughness of GreenShield allows water and oil to roll off the surface of the fabric resulting in
water and oil repellency and stain resistance. When combined with Agion silver ion technology the
treated fabric also minimizes the impact of odor causing bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi
throughout the textile. GreenShield with Agion is non-leaching and specifically formulated to be
effective for the useful life of the treated fabric. Both technologies are Cradle to Cradle
CertifiedCM at the silver level by MBDC.

“We are proud to partner with Sciessent to offer designers and manufacturers an
environmentally friendly fabric built to endure the constant barrage of odor causing bacteria and
stains found on textile surface in high use environments,” said Cathy Fleischer , managing director
of Big Sky Technologies. “This partnership provides the best of both of our technologies, stain
resistance and antimicrobial product protection, with zero compromise. With sustainability and a
need for greener living at the forefront of interior design, we look forward to bringing this new
finish to the marketplace.”

The GreenShield finish with Agion antimicrobial technology is ideal for furnishings that are
exposed to high contact where potential staining and microbial growth is an issue. Such areas
include healthcare facilities, hospitality, restaurant, office and schools. The GreenShield finish
with Agion can also be used for use in outdoor textile application including furniture cushions,
carpets and upholstery.

Posted June 14, 2011

Source: Sciessent