Techtextil 2011 Exhibitor Preview: Mesdan S.p.A.

Italy — May 5, 2011 — MESDAN® S.p.A., Italy, since 1952 is a renowned manufacturer of YARN SPLICERS
for knotless yarn joining as well as LABORATORY QUALITY CONTROL TESTING equipment for textiles. The
division dedicated to the production and marketing of Laboratory equipment is branded Mesdan-Lab.
In its product portfolio there is a wide range of testing equipment used for the QC of technical
textile and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

The main testing parameters that can be assessed in this field with the Mesdan-Lab range of
products are referred to:

–    Perforation, strength (up to 50kN capacity), fatigue (cycle testing) and

–    Bursting

–    Tearing

–    Air permeability

–    Water permeability

–    Water vapor absorption and coefficient

–    Static electricity

–    Wear and abrasion (Martindale) as well as flexion

–    Impact and abrasion (for sport clothes and accessories)

–    Glove Cutting (according to EN-388)

–    Vertical Flammability (in conformity to major ISO standards)

–    Thickness

–    Coating (sample preparation)

–    Polymerisation (with humidity and temperature control)

–    Washing and dimensional stability

–    Color fastness (rubbing, sunlight, ecc)

–    Moisture content & humidity

–    Sample cutting and weight measurement

–    PH assessment, ecc.

Furthermore, Mesdan-Lab is the exclusive distributor in the Western part of Europe of MTNW
(Measurement Technology North West – USA), famous manufacturer of measuring equipment for the
Thermal & Psychological comfort of fabrics and garments (Sweating Guarded Hot Plate, Manikins,

At the forthcoming TECHTEXTIL show in Frankfurt  (24-26 May 2011) Mesdan®  will

•  a complete range of knotters and yarn Splicers (Jointair® – Aquasplicer® – Hot
Jointair®) for industrial yarns such as Carbon, Aramids, Tyre cord, Glass fibre, Carpet yarns,
Sewing threads, yarns for Artificial grass,  etc.

•  a variety of QC equipment (strength, elongation, perforation, flammability, tear,
abrasion, cutting, moisture, comfort, etc).

Among the equipment on display, a highlight: ELMATIC, fully automatic digital Elmendorf tear
tester characterized by:

• Measuring range 200 – 30.000 cN for fine and heavy-duty materials (textiles, leather,
paper, plastic, etc).

• Automatic pendulum identification and fully automatic execution of tear test:

1.    automatic cut of the specimen

2.    automatic release of the pendulum

3.    automatic tear of the specimen

4.    automatic measure of the tear force

5.    automatic stop of the pendulum

6.    automatic reposition of pendulum in the starting position

•    Complete safety cover with safety lock during testing operation
until pendulum swinging is terminated

•    Large LCD display, PC & printer connection

•    Results can be expressed in a variety of different units (N, Kg, LBS,

•    ELMATIC software for data storage, graphic and statistic elaboration of

•    High accuracy (0,09 degree) and results repeatability

•    In conformity with major International testing Standards

•    Supplied complete with 2 Pendulums and 2 Check-weight

•    High productivity (about 150 tests could be executed in 15 minutes!)

•    Produced and designed in Italy

Mesdan will showcase in Hall 3.0, booth °J 23, you’re welcome!

Posted on May 6, 2011

Source: Mesdan S.p.A.