SETeMa Introduces B-STeaM Fixation Unit

SETeMa BV, the Netherlands — a manufacturer of textile machinery for dyestuff fixation,
coating/padding, washing, finishing and drying — has debuted the B-STeaM fixation unit for the
fixation of all dyestuff classes. The company reports the B-STeaM unit is reliable and affordable,
and is especially suitable for startup companies or printshops and designers looking to enter the
cotton and silk print-fixation business.

The B-STeaM features a temperature range between 100ºC and 180ºC and dwell times from two to
30 minutes. Typical temperatures for reactive and acid dyes range between 100ºC and 105ºC; for
disperse dyes, between 165ºC to 180ºC; and for pigments, hot-air fixation temperatures average
150ºC. Other features of the steam unit include: an onboard steam generator; a width of 2.2 meters;
low operational and maintenance costs; roll-to-roll operation; SETeMa’s High STeaM re-flow system,
which enhances color brightness; high-quality and reproducible fixation results; and the lowest
price in its class, according to the company.

May 10, 2011