Process Control Introduces Brushless DC Motors And Drives

Atlanta-based Process Control Corp. (PCC) — a manufacturer of auxiliary machinery for the plastics
processing industry — has introduced a new drive/gearmotor package for its auger based, continuous
loss-in-weight feeders and blenders. Its X-Series blenders and AFG Gravitrol Additive Feeder and PF
Powder Feeder formerly included a pulse width modulator (PWM) drive and a permanent magnet direct
current (DC) gearmotor to rotate the metering auger. The new motor drives control both the older
permanent magnet motors and the new generation of brushless DC motors.

The new brushless and encoderless gearmotors offer improved reliability, performance and a
longer lifespan than previous versions, according to PCC. They have more torque and a larger speed
range, and only require two power/gear ratio combinations to cover the required revolutions per
minute range for PCC’s line of blenders and feeders, as opposed to eight power/gear ratio
combinations for the previous permanent magnet gearmotors. The new drive/gearmoter package is
100-percent compatible with currently operating PCC blenders and feeders.

“This new auger drive package represents a major advancement in the performance and
reliability of our premium line of gravimetric blenders and feeders,” said Dana Darley, general
manager, PCC. “We are so confident in this new system, that we are considering a three year
warranty on both the drive and gearmotor, whether purchased as an upgrade, spare part or on a new

May 31, 2011