Nilit, LincSpun Develop Trinomax AQ® Moisture-wicking, Thermoregulating Yarn

Israel-based nylon 6,6 and microfiber yarn manufacturer Nilit and Australia-based high-performance
yarn manufacturer LincSpun Yarns Pty Ltd. have partnered to develop LincSpun Trinomax AQ®, a
high-performance, moisture-managing yarn that combines merino wool and Nilit’s Aquarius high-speed
moisture-wicking yarn. Trinomax AQ is designed for use in thermoregulating activewear, dancewear,
socks and sportswear.

The new yarn features merino wool, textured Nilit nylon 6,6 and Nilit Aquarius yarns twisted
together using LincSpun’s proprietary TRINOMAX® spinning technology, by which components can be
modified to make a lightweight, engineered yarn that provides specific properties. Merino wool is
soft and provides thermoregulating properties; textured Nilit nylon 6,6 provides durability and
consistent quality; and Nilit Aquarius – an engineered fiber that features a special additive
integrated into the polymer and a triple-T cross section -provides intrinsic high-speed moisture
wicking properties.

“We chose to make Trinomax AQ out of Nilit nylon 6,6 yarns because of their high quality,”
said Jean-Michel Libeau, director, LincSpun. “With its natural softness and technologically
advanced moisture management properties, we are confident Trinomax AQ will greatly enhance our
offering of advanced yarns for sportswear, active wear and socks.”

May 24, 2011