Huntsman Introduces TERASIL® FF Fluorescent Dyes

Singapore-based Huntsman Textile Effects has introduced the TERASIL® FF range of fluorescent
disperse dyes. Terasil Flavine 10GFF, Red GFF and Red 3BFF are designed to be used for personal
protective equipment and workwear, for which they fulfill EN 471 and ANSI/ISEA107-2010 safety
requirements; or to be combined with Terasil brilliant disperse dyes to achieve luminous fashion
shades for high-visibility sports and leisure wear, for which they meet the EN 1150 standard for
high visibility. Huntsman reports the Terasil FF dyes exhibit high lightfastness and washfastness
and are compatible with effects including stain- and moisture-management, flame-retardant,
antistatic, comfort with softness, and easy-care.

April 19, 2011