Bekaert Unveils SiroLock® Wire For Roller Cards

Bekaert Carding Solutions, part of Belgium-based advanced materials and coatings supplier NV
Bekaert SA, reports its SiroLock® doffer and worker wire provides improved fiber control and web
quality, and increased productivity on nonwoven and long-staple roller cards.

SiroLock was developed for use on the breast section of the card’s main cylinder, where it
can take up to 50-percent more fibers than conventional card wire, thereby reducing recycling of
fibers as well as the need for cleaning stops, according to Bekaert. Other advantages include
reduced fly, resulting in decreased raw material costs and improved web regularity; and improved
blending and the ability to have wider settings between cylinders and workers/doffers than with
conventional wire as a result of the higher carding spaces created. The wire also can be used in
processing a wide range of fibers including hollow, siliconized, aramid and melt fibers; as well as
a wide range of fiber densities.

March 29, 2011