TenCate Named As Co-recipient Of 2011 JEC Composite Innovation Award On Thermoplastic Composite Aircraft Seat Application

ALMELO, The Netherlands — February 15, 2011 — TenCate Advanced Composites USA in Morgan Hill
(California, USA) is pleased to announce that a composite design utilizing TenCate thermoplastic
prepregs is the recipient of a 2011 JEC Composite Innovation Award. TenCate Cetex® brand of
PPS-based thermoplastic composite unitape is utilized in Cutting Dynamics award winning composite
aircraft seat design.

The 2011 JEC Thermoplastic Composite Innovation Award will be awarded to Cutting Dynamics
Inc., with TenCate Advanced Composites, A&P Technology and Ticona Engineering Polymers, which
teamed to develop a thermoplastic modular composite seat frame used in passenger seat assemblies on
lighter, more fuel-efficient aircraft.

The award will be presented during the 2011 JEC Awards ceremony at 5 p.m. Tuesday 29 March,
during the JEC Show in Paris, France. The 2011 JEC award winning modular composite seat frame from
Cutting Dynamics consists of a match molded seat back and seat pan that supports the seat cushion.
The frames depend on TenCate Cetex® TC 1100, a PPS / carbon fiber unitape that is braided into a
pre-form by A&P Technology, then shaped by Cutting Dynamics into a complex tube using a process
that is capable of achieving high volumes unique in the aerospace industry.

Jim Mondo, TenCate Advanced Composites Vice President of Thermoplastic Technology notes:
“This is truly a team award made possible by the innovations of each of the recipients with a
special recognition to Cutting Dynamics who developed the process and optimized the material form
that allowed this new composite seat design. We find it especially significant that several
companies including TenCate Advanced Composites, A&P Technology and Ticona Engineering Polymers
contributed in their areas of expertise to make this innovation possible.”

A&P Technology designed and engineered a braided preform from the TenCate Cetex® TC1100
unitape that exactly meets the geometry and mechanical requirements of the seat frame. This
collaboration allowed Cutting Dynamics to reduce process cost, increase process volume, and improve
both product aesthetics and overall quality.

Posted on February 22, 2011

Source: Royal Ten Cate