RecycleMatch Offers Online Waste And Recyclabes Bidding

RecycleMatch, a Houston and Austin, Texas-based online business-to-business (B2B) recycling and
waste diversion marketplace, has launched an online service to facilitate businesses’ efforts to
buy, sell or donate waste and commodity recyclable materials including textiles, plastics, paper,
chemicals, food and organics, metals, building materials and other materials. According to the
company, the waste and recyclables market represents a $90 billion opportunity that comprises $47.3
billion in commodity recycling already in place, $22 billion in charges to companies that send such
waste to landfills and an estimated $20 billion value of those landfilled materials. 

Companies may log on to to list materials they wish to
offer, and prospective buyers may request information and samples and submit bids on those
materials. There is no charge for listing the materials, and the listing company chooses which
buyer will best meet its goals, which may include not only price, but also environmental and other

“Due to changing customer demands and supply chain mandates by industry leaders, companies
are scrambling to reach zero waste,” said Chris Porch, RecycleMatch’s newly appointed CEO,
referring to zero-waste initiatives from companies such as Wal-Mart, IBM and others. “Seventy
percent of materials that get dumped into landfills can be repurposed, and the RecycleMatch
marketplace finds those alternative uses. Even commodity recyclables already being diverted benefit
from better market exposure and pricing. We’re the first marketplace designed specifically for the
needs of large corporations who want control, protection, and trust in the entire process. This is
a large and exciting opportunity to help companies reduce costs, strengthen their brands and help
the environment.”

February 8, 2011