RadiciGroup Acquires Dorix GmbH

Italy-based RadiciGroup — a global manufacturer of man-made fibers, chemicals and plastics — has
acquired Germany-based dorix GmbH, formerly Selbitzer Chemiefaser GmbH, manufacturer of dorix®
polyamide (PA)6 and reilen polypropylene (PP) staple products.

RadiciGroup expects the acquisition will enable it to expand its product range, which
includes raw and solution-dyed PA6 staple products offered under the Radilon® staple fiber brand.

“With this acquisition we wanted to broaden our product offering in the textile floor
covering market and others,” said Oscar Novali, managing director, Fashion&Interiors business
unit, which includes Radici Yarn S.p.A. “Our Italian site in Villa d’Ogna and the German facility
complement one another. … In addition to the fine counts we already manufacture at Radici Yarn,
now we will be able to provide high counts up to 300 [decitex]. We will also have greater
flexibility, which is a key asset for the production of both the raw and solution-dyed versions of
our products. Moreover, dorix GmbH’s extensive experience in custom colour formulation will allow
us to meet any special requirements of our customers.” Novali also noted the strength of the dorix
brand name, which RadiciGroup will continue to promote as a symbol of quality and tradition.

Maurizio Radici, RadiciGroup Board vice chairman and COO, stated that in addition to
strengthening the company’s presence in the floor covering sector, the acquisition of dorix also
bolsters its effort to strengthen the group’s polyamide vertical integration. “Last year we decided
to invest about EUR 10 million in order to expand the production capabilities of our Radici Fil SpA
plant in Italy, specializing in the manufacture of Radifloor® PA6 and PA 66 [bulked continuous
filament] BCF yarn. The latter items complement the staple products made by Radici Yarn and dorix
GmbH, in that they are ideal solutions not only for the contract sector but also for the
residential and automotive markets.” He also noted that the company supplies Radigreen® polyolefin
and polyamide yarn for synthetic turf for both residential and commercial applications, and that it
is the only supplier in Europe that has a fully vertically integrated P66 production chain.

February 22, 2011