Amacoil-Uhing RG3 Winding Drive Available With Extra Bearing Option

Uhing RG3 traverse winding drives available from Aston, Pa.-based Amacoil — the exclusive North
American distributor of Uhing Co. level winding drives and accessories, and provider of spare parts
and technical support — now may be supplied with an extra bearing option to double the axial thrust
capacity of the unit without greatly increasing the length of the drive box. Amacoil reports the
RG4 drive increases thrust with four rings making it an economical and space-saving upgrade
solution in comparison with purchasing a larger drive. The extra bearing increases the number of
bearing-to-shaft contact points, allowing it to double the thrust.

The four-ring option is available on nine RG3 models – the RG315, 320, 322, 330, 340, 350,
360 and 380. The latter three models have identical dimensions and travel capacities when equipped
with the four-ring option. The former five models have a slightly longer drive box and travel
potential slightly less than that of the standard RG3 traverse.

The RG4 drive is suitable for winding large-gauge wires and cables as well as other materials
wound under high tension.

January 18, 2011