Richard Hough Debuts Enhanced Resilio Roll Covering Technology

England-based Richard Hough Ltd. (RHL), a manufacturer of calender rolls, has
announced the latest version of its Resilio roll covering technology.

The original Resilio roll concept, developed in 2008 by RHL in partnership with
Just Rollers Plc, combined RHL’s mechanical squeezing and dewatering equipment with a specially
developed dual-layer construction combining the features of hard and soft elastomer coverings. That
roll offers 30- to 40-percent improvements in water expression

on both knitted and woven cotton and man-made fiber fabrics

over conventional elastomer roll covers, and saves up to 40,000 euros per year
in costs.

In the new version, RHL has technically enhanced the hardness and resilience of
Resilio’s dual-layer construction to offer improved efficiency and performance gains. According to
the company, the dewatering results are double those of conventional hard rubber rolls, thereby
cutting customers’ energy costs in half.

The patent-pending Resilio roll covering technology can easily be incorporated
into a new machine or an existing installation, RHL reports. The technology currently is installed
in dozens of textile plants globally.

December 21, 2010