Protex International Introduces Prote® Spring 930 Elastic Finishing Agent

Protex S.a.s., the textile subsidiary of France-based chemicals manufacturer Protex International,
reports its new Prote
® Spring 930 finishing agent provides permanent elasticity to cellulosic fabrics such as
cotton, linen and viscose. The company is targeting the new agent primarily to women’s knitwear

According to the company, the new elastomer — which complies with Oeko-Tex
® Standard 100, Class  I to IV — substantially improves a fabric’s elasticity;
provides rapid recovery after the fabric is stretched; offers a soft, supple hand; is non-yellowing
during drying and heat-setting; is easy to use, exhibiting good stability for padding applications,
even under alkaline pH conditions; and is durable to repeated launderings. Prote Spring 930 also
can be applied to nylon or polyester knits, either with or without spandex.

November 30, 2010