Herrmann Ultrasonics Introduces Ultrasonic Perforating

Bartlett, Ill.-based Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc. — a manufacturer of ultrasonic welding equipment
and a Germany-based Herrmann Group company — has debuted equipment that ultrasonically perforates
wound dressings made from a soft foam-based laminate. The technology enables the air-permeable
contact layer of the dressing to adhere to the skin and absorb blood and wound secretions, yet be
gently removed from the skin. Dressings that are perforated ultrasonically also protect bedsores
from being further strained by pressure.

The ultrasonic perforating process creates pin holes in the wound dressing without using as
much energy and heat as a heat perforation process does, which, according to Herrmann, enhances the
product performance of the contact layer’s adhesive properties. The company also reports that
ultrasonic perforation technology enables production speeds up to two to three times faster than
speeds using heat perforation, and product quality remains the same even at varying speeds during
the start-up and deceleration phases of the machine.

According to Herrmann, other benefits of ultrasonic perforating include: immediate system
readiness of the machine because it doesn’t require heating up; immediate changing of process
parameters and easy adjustment of different memories if different materials are being processed;
Herrmann’s patented Microgap Control, which accurately controls the distance between the anvil drum
and sonotrode to the micrometer and guarantees process monitoring and repeat accuracy; and an
increase in overall equipment efficiency.

November 9, 2010