TenCate Introduces Improved Defender™ M FR Fabric

Union City, Ga.-based TenCate Protective Fabrics USA — a manufacturer of inherently
flame-resistant (FR) fabrics, and a division of the Netherlands-based Royal Ten Cate — has
developed an improved version of its Defender™ M FR fabric that is more durable and offers better
protection while retaining its FR and comfort features. The U.S. Marine Corps has approved the new
fabric to be used to make its FR Organization Gear (FROG) uniform, which TenCate will deliver to
the Marines in the fourth quarter of 2010.

TenCate originally developed Defender M fabric — made using a proprietary blend of fibers
including Lenzing® FR fiber from Austria-based Lenzing AG — to protect U.S. military troops in
Iraq and Afghanistan from burns caused by improvised explosive devices. The company has since
expanded the line, which offers a variety of styles and has been used in many U.S. Army and Marine
Corps garments.

“Troops report that uniforms [made with Defender M] are saving lives and reducing burn
injuries, and an Army spokesman said that TenCate Defender M has ‘consistently exceeded our
expectation,'” said Nick Pence, military market manager, TenCate.

October 12, 2010