Teijin’s Eco Circle™ Wins ICIS Innovation Award

Japan-based Teijin Fibers Ltd.’s Eco Circle™ closed-loop polyester recycling system has won an ICIS
Innovation Award 2010 in the Innovation with Best Environmental Benefit category. This is the
seventh year that ICIS — the chemical publishing division of United Kingdom-based Reed Business
Information Ltd. — has presented the Innovation Awards, which recognize companies that make
notable contributions to technology and business.

Eco Circle comprises the development and manufacture of recyclable polyester products, and
collection of such products at the end of their useful lives to be recycled into new product. The
system employs Teijin’s proprietary technology, which allows polyester to be chemically decomposed
at the molecular level and then converted into new, virgin-quality polyester raw material.
According Teijin, Eco Circle preserves oil resources and considerably reduces waste, energy
consumption and CO2 emissions. More than 130 companies worldwide — including apparel, sportswear
and uniform manufacturers –currently participate in the system. 

“It is an honor and a pleasure to receive this ICIS Innovation Award from the global chemical
industry in recognition of our innovative chemical recycling technology and efforts to advance
environmental protection,” said Norio Kamei, president, Teijin Fibers. “Together with our Eco
Circle partners, we will continue to pursue our common goal of promoting sustainability through
recycling. Going forward, Teijin Fibers also will continue to enhance Eco Circle, aiming to create
innovative recycling models for the entire polyester chain in the longer term.”

October 12, 2010