RadiciGroup Radifloor Strengthens Nylon Production To Bolster Its Market Position In The Quality Flooring Sector.

Casnigo, Italy — September 2010 — RadiciGroup has announced a new investment at its production
site in Casnigo, which is engaged in the production of polyamide 6 and 66 BCF yarn sold under the
Radifloor® brand name. The investment of about EUR 10 million will go towards the installation of
new spinning lines for the production of polyamide 66 and polyamide 6 solution-dyed BCF yarn. The
new lines are expected to be put into operation in the middle of 2011 and will complement the
existing production lines, allowing RadiciGroup to considerably expand its Radifloor® portfolio of
PA 66 and PA6 coloured yarn, while ensuring the quality level needed to meet the requirements of
the major carpet manufacturers in the contract and residential sectors.

“The investment we are making is an important one,” said Stefano Loro, managing director of
the Casnigo production site. “It has been driven by our determination to be a reliable supplier for
our European customers. We want to give the best support from the point of view of both the quality
of our products and the service provided. We are committed to making our service increasingly more
efficient and targeted at satisfying, in short order, the specific requests coming from our
customers and their need to obtain the most innovative product proposals from us. We have over
thirty years of experience in the textile flooring sector, from residential to automotive,
upholstery and contract. And the contract market is where we want to strengthen our presence.”

“Over the three year period 2006-2008, we recorded an increase in sales of over 50% in the
contract sector,” said Maurizio Radici, vice-chairman of RadiciGroup. “This is an industry that
requires flexibility, quality and customization capabilities from all operators. Thanks to the new
production lines at the Casnigo site and the vertical integration of our nylon 66 production chain,
which is a hallmark of our Group, we will be in the best position to meet these requests. In
Europe, we are the only supplier for the contract sector with a vertically integrated polyamide 66
production chain. We have control over the entire production chain, from chemical intermediates to
adipic acid, polyamide 6 and 66, engineering plastics and spinning polymers. This is one of our
strong points, a competitive advantage that, together with our know-how and acquired experience,
allows us to be a reliable partner for our customers and to guarantee the best support for their

“After the global economic crisis of the past year, which has inevitably affected our target
markets,” continued Mr. Radici, “the major world economies are now sending out signs of recovery.
We are seeing a steady, albeit slow, strengthening trend in all industrial sectors, including
chemical fibres, the industry in which we operate. We are optimistic about the future and we intend
to continue to invest in securing and strengthening our market position.”

About RADICI FIL SPA: A company belonging to the RadiciGroup Fibres Business Area
and based in Casnigo (BG), Italy, was created during the early 1960s as a nylon yarn producer for
the furnishings and apparel sectors. Later on, in 1974, the company diversified into the production
of carpet continuous filament (BCF). Over the years, Radici Fil has managed to evolve, transform
and improve the efficiency and the quality of its products, so as to be able to meet the needs of a
market requiring more and more specialization. Radici Fil’s production activities are supported by
Logit Sro, a RadiciGroup company located in the Czech Republic and equipped with innovative yarn
processing technologies, where Radici Fil yarns are heat set and twisted to guarantee excellent
performance and aesthetic characteristics. RadiciGroup has also diversified into polypropylene
yarn. Through subsidiary Deufil GmbH (Bergkamen, Germany), RadiciGroup sells raw and solution-dyed
heat-set polypropylene BCF yarn. For more information on Radifloor® products:
http://www.radicigroup.it/fibres/it/products/productsRadifloor.aspx. For more information on
Raditeck® products: http://www.radicigroup.it/fibres/it/products/productsRaditeck.aspx

RADICIGROUP is one of Italy’s leading chemicals multinationals, a diversified group
specializing in chemicals, plastics, synthetic fibres and textiles. One the Group’s key strengths
is the synergistic vertical integration of its polyamide production chain. RadiciGroup products are
exported all over the world and are widely used in applications such as apparel, sports,
furnishings, automotive, electrical/electronics and household appliances www.radicigroup.com.
RadiciGroup, with its Chemicals, Plastics, Synthetic Fibres and Textiles Business Areas, is part of
a larger industrial group that also includes textile machinery and energy businesses

Posted on September 21, 2010

Press release courtesy of RadiciGroup