Sawgrass Technologies, Glaser Mills Introduce MxF™ Digital Printing Solution

The Industrial Division of Mt. Pleasant, S.C.-based Sawgrass Technologies Inc. — a developer of
digital printing technologies — has entered into an executive partnership with Huntington,
N.Y.-based Glaser Mills Inc. — a supplier of woven and coated fabrics to the flags and banners
industry — to offer a complete digital solution for printing on both nylon and polyester fabrics.
Glaser Mills will supply its Made in the USA SolarMax™, Made in the USA Dacron™ and Made in the USA
Recycled Dacron flag and banner fabrics to be printed using Sawgrass Technologies’ MxF™ ink — a
state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly, water-based digital pigment ink that can print on nylon
and polyester using one printer without the need for post-print steaming or washing.

According to Sawgrass, the MxF ink solution offers brighter color and better outdoor
ultraviolet performance than comparable flag and banner printing solutions, and also is
wear-resistant, waterproof and odor-free. The solution does not require extra equipment; offers
superior productivity, reduced maintenance costs and shortened turnaround time; requires little or
no cleanup; and consumes less energy than comparable solutions, the company reports.

“Together we have worked for over a year perfecting the coating and finishing process to
produce the quality print results necessary to our exacting standards,” said Mike Glaser, director
of research and development, Glaser Mills. “Glaser Mills stands ready, as always, to supply the
highest quality woven nylon and polyester, specifically designed for the outdoor flag and banner

August 3, 2010