Optimer Introduces Drirelease® Environmentally Correct Origins™ With Repreve®

Wilmington, Del.-based Optimer Brands has introduced drirelease® environmentally correct origins™
(e.c.o.) fabrics containing Repreve® recycled polyester fiber. The fabrics incorporate a blend of
drirelease fiber — featuring FreshGuard® moisture-management, odor-eliminating technology — with
Greensboro, N.C.-based Unifi Inc.’s Repreve® fibers — made from 100-percent post-consumer recycled
polyethylene terephthalate and featuring Fiberprint™ technology, which enables clothing to be
tested to verify Repreve content. The fabrics are available in either a blend of 85-percent
polyester/15-percent organic or recycled cotton; or a blend of 88-percent recycled
polyester/12-percent wool, bamboo or other natural fibers.

“Using Unifi’s Repreve fibers, which are certified to ensure recycled content, we can feel
confident that our customers can trust drirelease e.c.o. fabrics to deliver the same excellent
performance they know and expect from drirelease in a fabric that is verified to be environmentally
friendly,” said Chris Moore, general manager, Optimer Labs.

Optimer debuted drirelease e.c.o. fabrics in Europe at the Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen,
Germany, in July, and is debuting them in the United States this week at the Outdoor Retailer
Summer Market in Salt Lake City.

August 3, 2010