Buckman Introduces VOC-Free Flamebloc® GS Fire Retardants

Memphis, Tenn.-based Buckman Laboratories International Inc., a specialty chemical company, reports
it has developed a line of green fire retardant (FR) products that contain no volatile organic
compounds (VOCs). The complete Flamebloc® GS (Green Series) line comprises 13 substrate-specific
chemistries compatible with a variety of materials from paper and wood to plastics and

The line is based on a water-based polymeric amino-polyphosphate chemistry that provides char
forming protection against flame and heat and is manufactured by Houston-based Flame Seal Products
Inc. According to Buckman, the GS products are made using generally-recognized-as-safe (GRAS) raw
materials and do not need halogen to activate their FR capabilities, making them more
environmentally friendly than traditional FR products.

“The market has been looking for a green FR chemistry, and we are pleased to provide the
solution,” said Jim Hachtmann, business manager for Coatings & Plastics, Buckman. “We are
excited about the current and future possibilities of this chemistry and look forward to working
with Flame Seal on the next generation products.”

Products will be available through both Buckman’s and Flame Seal’s sales networks, and a
Solutions Team comprised of associates from both companies will work with customers to provide the
code assistance, testing, support and project management skills.

July 27, 2010