NanoHorizons Appoints SmartSilver™ Agent In Korea

Bellefonte, Pa.-based NanoHorizons Inc. — a developer of nanoscale performance additives for
textile, healthcare and industrial applications — has appointed Seoul, Korea-based J2LFA Co. Ltd.
— a manufacturer of a variety of natural and man-made performance yarns including organic cotton
— as an authorized distributor in Korea for its SmartSilver™ nanoscale antimicrobial additive.
J2LFA will market its SmartSilver enhanced yarns to the athletic performance apparel, workwear,
safety apparel and hosiery markets. The company also will develop SmartSilver textile applications
for medical wet wipes, feminine hygiene products and home furnishings.

“Collaborating with J2LFA will rapidly establish SmartSilver™ as the antimicrobial technology
of choice in Korea,” said Timothy Skedzuhn, vice president, Textile Business Unit, Nanohorizons.
“J2LFA’s proven technical expertise and reputation for manufacturing outstanding yarns will make
them a strong partner in the critical Korean market.”

June 15, 2010