EDANA 2009 Nonwoven Product Statistics Released

BRUSSELS — June 9, 2010 — EDANA, the international Association serving the nonwovens and related
industries today released its statistics on Nonwovens Production and Deliveries for 2009. The
figures for Greater Europe (Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey and CIS) show that as a
result of the recent economic conditions, but also of the industry’s effort to provide
lighter-weight nonwovens (using less material) with the same function, the production of nonwovens
has contracted in weight by 6.3% since 2008, with 1,609,819 tonnes of nonwovens produced in 2009.
This compares with the growth in the industry for 2008 of 1.2%.

After several years of double digit growth, the weight of nonwovens sold to the personal care
wipes market declined in 2009, but sales remained stable in terms of surface area, with minimal
growth recorded.  While total production figures, by weight, have fallen, the level of
production in square metres did continue to grow (nearly 51,000 million in 2009).  According
to a comparison of a select group of companies in 2008 and 2009, the average price of nonwovens
remains nearly unchanged 2008 to 2009.  The total turnover of the industry is estimated at
around €4,790 million.

In announcing the topline results of the report at the EDANA International Nonwovens
Symposium in Baveno earlier today, Jacques Prigneaux, EDANA’s Market Analysis and Economic Affairs
Director stated that “While trade flows for both exports and imports slowed in 2009, the EU27 trade
balance of nonwovens roll goods was still highly positive, in both volume and in value. Moreover,
for each subcategory of nonwovens, EU27 is still a net exporter. This positive trade balance helped
contain the unfavourable trade balance of the overall European textile industry.”

The most significant decrease in tonnage has been recorded in polymer-based (spunmelt)
nonwovens.   In addition, despite a small decrease of nearly 2.0% of nonwoven deliveries
(in tonnes) to the hygiene business, this segment remains by far the largest outlet of the industry
and increased its market share both in weight and surface area in 2009.

After several years of double digit growth, the amount of nonwovens sold to the personal care
wipes market declined in 2009, but sales remained stable with minimal growth

While the largest contractions were observed in civil engineering, home furnishing,
industrial wipes and automotive, medical applications recorded notable positive development. 

Detailed data for the “2009 European Nonwovens Production and Deliveries” is only available
to EDANA member companies.


EDANA, serves the nonwovens and related industries, and has more than 210 member companies in
over 30 countries across the globe.  Its mission is to create the foundation for sustainable
growth of the nonwovens, absorbent hygiene products and related industries through active
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Posted on June 15, 2010

Press Release Courtesy of EDANA