Starlinger Supplies 600th KON Sack Conversion Line

Austria-based Starlinger & Co. GmbH — a manufacturer of machinery and complete lines for
producing woven plastic bags — recently delivered its 600th KON series sack conversion line. The
KON series of sack conversion lines, which Starlinger has been supplying globally since the 1960s,
converts tubular fabric woven from plastic tapes into sacks. In an automatic, continuous process, a
woven tube is cut to the desired length and sewn, and then a closure is added according to the type
of application and customer specifications.

Starlinger reports the latest version of its KON 2002 line, used to make polypropylene (PP)
sacks, is suitable for leno, coated and uncoated fabric, as well as oriented PP-laminated material
and material tubed from flat fabric. The KON 2002 offers cost-savings for customers through
material-savings processes; and also consumes less energy than comparable machines and 50-percent
less energy than the first KON lines consumed, according to the company.

May 4, 2010