Singapore-based Huntsman Textile Effects — a manufacturer of chemicals and dyes for finished
textiles and materials, and a division of Huntsman Corp. — has introduced ERIOPON®WFE soaping
agent for cellulose fibers dyed and printed with reactive dyes. The agent keeps hydrolyzed dyes in
the water, preventing fabric backstaining. According to the company, the agent is not affected by
water hardness or residual salt, and offers water, time and energy savings, assuring high wet
fastness and good reproducibility.

The company also has launched ALBAFLOW®CONTI, a dye bath penetration agent suitable for all
continuous applications. According to Huntsman, the agent offers good wetting, defoaming and
de-aerating performance. The agent distributes liquor throughout the fiber assembly quickly and
uniformly, promoting penetration and ensuring level dyeing. Because it is silicone oil-free, it
won’t spot the fabric or leave residue on the machinery.

May 11, 2010