Consolidated Fibers Establishes International And Technical Fibers Division

Charlotte-based Consolidated Fibers — a supplier of fiber to manufacturers in industries including
hygiene, medical, filtration, automotive, furniture and home textiles, among other industries —
has established an International and Technical Fibers division to supply staple and continuous
filament fibers to Latin America mainly for nonwoven end-uses. The company has promoted Paul Latten
to division president.

“We believe our fiber knowledge and sourcing capability can be leveraged to benefit customers
throughout the Americas,” Latten said. “With regard to innovation, there has been relatively little
coming from the fibers industry in the last decade. Our intent is to disrupt status quo in our own
thinking and in the minds of fiber consumers. There is excess fiber manufacturing capacity but a
shortage of practical and affordable ideas. We intend to bring these components together to
positively impact profits, the planet and people in the global community.”

May 11, 2010