Bayer MaterialScience LLC Introduces High Solids Polyurethane Dispersions For Textile Coatings In North America

Pittsburgh, May 4, 2010 — Bayer MaterialScience LLC, a leader in polyurethane chemistry, recently
announced the availability in the North American market of new high-solids, fine-particle
polyurethane dispersions for the formulation of textile coatings.

These high-solids products, which offer environmental and economic advantages for
applicators, were developed for various textile applications and markets, which include automotive
interior and contract upholstery.

The new products are:

•    Impranil® LP RSC 1554 polyurethane dispersion – gives textiles more
volume and body; is well suited to sporting goods and interior furnishings.

•    Impranil® LP RSC 1380 polyurethane dispersion – improves the haptic
properties of synthetic leathers in sporting goods and interior furnishings.

•    Impranil® LP RSC 1537 polyurethane dispersion – characterized by its
softness and flexibility, this specialty product is well suited to the creation of an adhesion
layer that is subsequently transferred to the textile together with the top layer.

“From an economic and logistical perspective, these new aqueous dispersions help make the
textile coating process more efficient,” said Scott Grace, technical director, Waterborne Business
Development, Coatings, Adhesives and Specialties, Bayer MaterialScience LLC.

Because these dispersions feature solids content of up to 60 percent, the inventory amount of
raw materials that is needed can be reduced. Furthermore, applicators can achieve higher film
builds in one coat, reducing the number of overall coats that are necessary. Also, processing is
more efficient because less water needs to be evaporated, and fewer stabilizing additives are

There are several environmental advantages, as well. “Utilizing polyurethane dispersions as a
replacement for PVC coatings allows for a coating with ultra-low volatile organic compounds
(VOCs),” said William Corso, technical manager, Textile and Specialty Laboratories, Coatings,
Adhesives and Specialties, Bayer MaterialScience LLC. “For this reason these Impranil® dispersions
are a more eco-friendly and applicator-friendly option for synthetic leather formulations.”


Bayer MaterialScience LLC is one of the leading producers of polymers and high-performance
plastics in North America and is part of the global Bayer MaterialScience business with
approximately 14,300 employees at 30 production sites around the world and 2009 sales of 7.5
billion euros. The company manufactures high-tech polymer materials and develops innovative
solutions for products used in many areas of daily life. The main segments served are the
automotive, electrical and electronics, construction, medical, and sports and leisure industries.
Sustainability is central to Bayer MaterialScience LLC’s business and is based around the key areas
of innovation, product stewardship, excellence in corporate management, social responsibility and
respect for the environment.

Press release courtesy of Bayer MaterialScience


Posted on May 4, 2010